Celebrities who like cats

11 Celebrities Who Make Cat Ladies Cool

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Celebrities who like cats

Celebrities who like cats

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nature 75+ Celebrities Who Are Cat People. However, several famous actors, comedians, and musicians are cat people. Other celebrity cat lovers include movie stars like Drew Barrymore and Audrey Hepburn. Who said dogs are man's only best friend? These celebrity guys think cats are just purrrrrfect!. Move over, A-listers: these celebrity cats are the real stars of the show. furry friends, check out these 20 Celebrities Who Look Like Their Pets.

  • Just like us mere mortal non celebrities, our celebrity counterparts care for their cats in the same caring way hopefully that we do. Which is why we wanted to put together this awesome gallery of celebrities and cats. We hope you enjoy the gallery! He was really a mechanical cat of sorts, but there were times when he would need a live stand-in.

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Celebrities who like cats

Celebrities who like cats

Celebrities who like cats

26 Celebrities Who Have Shown Off Their Love Their Cats

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Not even a celebrity can resist the allure of a cat's charm. We learned about the Scottish singing sensation's love for her elderly Persian cat. Meow! Hollywood is full of crazy cat ladies and gents. Celebs like Taylor Swift, Russell Brand, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran are absolutely in love. Some celebrities go to ridiculous lengths to prove that they are just like “regular” people. They walk around “without” make-up (base foundation and bronzer. Gone are the days when celebrities flaunted chunky diamond necklaces, gold 26 Celebrities Who Have Shown Off Their Love For Their Cats. Of course, the best of the best is hunky celebrity dudes and cats. That's like the absolute best of both worlds. I can't say I didn't enjoy researching what Hollywood . We at Catster are all about celebrating stars and cats — and, of course, stars who love cats. An Oscar- or Grammy-winning celebrity will. Celebrities who like cats

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Celebrities who like cats

Celebrities who like cats

12 Celebrities Who Love (Obsessed With) Cats !

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