Plentime giveaway

Plentime free watches, scam or not?

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Plentime giveaway

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If you use like any semblance of a normal person, you probably get ads for fashion. Maybe they're brands you know, or maybe it's. I ordered one of those watches, I'm from Mexico and the watch arrived fine however, it's really cheap quality, doesn't look as good as the. It is a scam, it says the giveaway is to celebrate a year in business on a website 63 days old. Other than it being free shit on the Internet that's an obvious red flag .

  • Barely a few hours after crypto giveaway scam bots on Twitter targeted the official account of Pope Francis to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway, Elon Musk has again been targeted while taking a playful jab at the now-ubiquitous Twitter scam. This sort of astroturfing makes it easier for potential marks to fall victim to the scam. The image in the scam link shows Musk at a speaking engagement, and it purports to link to an announcement by Musk hosted on medium. CCN earlier reported that Twitter scammers targeted high profile accounts in February with the aim of compromising them so as to promote fraudulent giveaways. Since then, cybercriminals behind the botnet appear to have changed tactics, focusing on creating several duplicate accounts for high-value accounts and gaming Twitter algorithms to promote scam content. I am a busy Nigerian writer, journalist and entrepreneur with an interest in tech and finance.

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Plentime giveaway

Plentime giveaway

Plentime giveaway

Don't Fall Fake Twitter "Wins"

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Like many of the giveaway scams that crop up on sites like Facebook, the real goal is to gain access to your email address and your friends' list. Typically, the scammers ask people to send them small amounts of crypto- currency, offering to send a larger amount back as part of a giveaway. Barely a few hours after crypto giveaway scam bots on Twitter targeted the official account of Pope Francis to promote a fake bitcoin giveaway. There are a lot of giveaway scams online. Years ago, those scams looked like free Xboxes, iPhones, Razrs, and whatever the hot electronic. This will be a review of Free Watch Sites, which is a website that claims to give away FREE watches. Their watches are basically cheaply made knock off. If you enter Twitter sweepstakes, there's a good chance that you'll receive win notifications via tweet. It's an easy way for the giveaway's sponsor to get in touch . Plentime giveaway

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Plentime giveaway

Plentime giveaway

How to Win Giveaways in 2019!

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